Tired of Mixing and Matching Coaching Programs But Never Getting the Complete Picture?

If you’re the type of health, fitness, and wellness professional who’s always looking for better results and greater transformations, then you’re probably itching to take your knowledge and expertise to the next level. It’s the only way to build and grow a successful and purposeful coaching practice that truly changes lives. 

Yet when you look around at the training options available to learn and build on your skills, it’s a disjointed mess. It’s impossible to find a health and wellness program for established experts who want to take their practice to the next level that is actually comprehensive and holistic. 

So what are you supposed to do if you want the ability to assess and optimize every aspect of people’s lives and guide them to their full potential?

The Only Option Is to Piece Together a Handful of Courses…

Until now, most of us have done the best we can with the options available, taking bits and pieces of whatever works to address all aspects of health and wellness - mind, body, and spirit.

But even if piecing together trainings could work, many programs are lacking in-depth, research-based content, and are simply designed to attract people with little background in health and fitness, who really just want a couple letters to put behind their name for some credibility. Or they provide just enough training so you can help people get to a baseline of health, but don’t teach you what to do when the basics of diet and exercise don’t work.

Some lack clarity, practicality, and actionability. Others are dogmatic, following a one-size-fits-all mantra. And yet others are nothing more than anecdotal, based out of hype and anything but science.

What If You Want to Help People in All Realms of Health?

What I realized was that none of the training options currently available are comprehensive enough if you want to help people optimize every aspect of their health and guide them to their full potential.

Nothing provides all the information you need to provide an individualized approach to whatever unique challenges your clients and patients are dealing with - whether that’s dialing in on their diet, optimizing sleep, balancing hormones, fixing their gut, strengthening their relationships,  enhancing longevity, or helping them discover their soul purpose, fulfillment, joy and happiness. 

For that, you need an all-encompassing training program designed specifically for health or fitness professionals who care about whole-human wellness - mind, body, and spirit.

It's Time To Redefine Human Performance

Health and fitness professionals need clear, science-based, no-BS health information if they want to build a successful and purposeful coaching practice that truly changes lives.

So I set out to create a one-stop, comprehensive and RELIABLE resource for high achievers like you - someone who’s skilled and wants to go deeper, who realizes the importance of personalized health advice, and who wants a well-rounded education with the ability to assess and optimize all aspects of your clients' lives and guide them to their full potential.

KionU is that solution.

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Introducing KionU

KionU is a comprehensive certification program for health or fitness professionals who care about whole-human wellness - mind, body, and spirit.

It provides every last shred of training and resources necessary for becoming an all-encompassing, holistic health and wellness coach. Through KionU, you’ll gain the ability to assess people’s individual health needs and optimize all aspects their lives. It covers everything you need to know to help and guide people to create lasting behavior change, achieve lifelong health, and truly realize their full potential.

KionU is a cutting-edge, science-based, no-BS program where you’ll learn how to combine ancient wisdom with modern science to help your clients and patients achieve a limitless life.

In KionU, you’ll dive into biochemistry, biomechanics and physiology. You’ll explore the depths of human behavior design and psychology. And you’ll learn about the importance and power of spirituality for living a long, fulfilling life.

It Doesn’t Matter Where Your Clients or Patients Are Starting

Whether they’re just beginning their health and fitness journey, or want to achieve ambitious goals, you’ll be able to serve each person individually and empower them with whatever they need to reach their full potential.

That could mean optimizing their sleep, fixing gut issues, mending relationships, becoming a biohacker, completing a triathlon, finding their soul purpose, changing up their fitness routine, or shredding belly fat, to name just a few examples. 

You’ll learn how to personalize each person’s diet and exercise routines, sleep schedules, and lifestyles based on their unique genetics, activity levels, and lab biomarkers. And you’ll be able to immediately apply this knowledge in a practical way that is highly individualistic, transformative, and sustainable for your clients and patients.  

KionU is in a league of its own, and when you complete the program, you’ll become a Kion Certified Coach, a world-class expert on the forefront of redefining human performance through a combination of mental, physical, and spiritual optimization.

But that’s not all...

KionU Goes Beyond Health and Fitness

Once you know how the human body works and how to address health issues in a complete and holistic way, you’ll be primed to grow your practice.

That’s why inside KionU, you’ll also learn little-known business-building and income-enhancing strategies and secrets that aren’t taught in other certification programs. From marketing to growing an audience, you’ll learn everything you need to create massive success in your practice - no matter if you’re based online, brick-and-mortar or both. 

Plus, as a Kion Certified Coach, you’ll be able to proudly display the Kion logo, have the ability to get clients from our personal Kion coaching funnel*, and you’ll get to interact and network with a wide group of professionals in the whole-human wellness space.

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Your Week-by-Week Guide to the KionU Curriculum

As you move through KionU, each week we’ll cover an important topic related to optimizing the mind, body, and spirit, or running and growing your business.

Here’s the weekly breakdown:


Introduction to Kion - July 25th

  • The invisible life force that ties all living beings together and powers every vital function (but has been forgotten in modern day health and wellness)
  • The story of Kion, our values, mission, what we do, and how it carries forward into the KionU certification program 

Behavior Design: Part 1 - August 1st

  • A proven formula for helping clients create lasting behavior change that is easy and sustainable


The Brain & How It Breaks - August 8th

  • The three ways the brain can malfunction, exactly how it happens, and how to identify brain-related symptoms
  • How to address and optimize neurotransmitter function, blood brain barrier integrity, and the HPA axis

Sleep: The Missing Link for Better Brains - August 15th

  • Why sleep is so vital to health, what happens during sleep, how genes affect sleep cycles, and how to find the perfect duration and schedule for each individual
  • Little-known hacks and tools for getting the best night of sleep, beating jet lag, and dealing with shift work

Nutrients and Lifestyle Strategies for Optimizing Brain Function - August 22nd

  • The best foods and nutrients for the brain (including straightforward and practical dietary strategies for brain health), plus how to mix and match a blend of herbal, natural or synthetic nootropics to improve mood, memory, and mental performance - intelligently and safely
  • Tools, tactics, and toys for fully upgrading the brain and using better living through science


Gut Health - August 29th

  • Various ways the gut can become compromised, the signs of gut issues, and a systematic way to naturally address gut problems, eliminate digestive issues, and maximize nutrient absorption
  • Everything you need to know about detoxification and how to enhance detox abilities naturally

Fitness & Training - September 5th

  • Movements, exercises and workouts for muscle gain, strength, power, speed, balance, mobility and endurance (including an exact blueprint that includes the minimum amount of exercise required to look good naked and live a long time)
  • Underground tactics for improving fitness and performance, without beating up your body

Recovery - September 12th

  • Why overtraining happens, how to avoid it, and the importance of adequate recovery
  • Every cutting-edge, science-proven effective recovery technique that exists - from those broadly accepted by modern medicine to those that are proven by trial in the trenches (plus how to quickly fix creaky joints, broken bones, and injuries)

Fat Loss - September 19th

  • Why "eat less, move more" is a fat loss myth, and how fat gain is actually caused by a single, pervasive factor
  • The most potent and practical fat loss strategies, as well as biohacks and fringe methods for shrinking your waistline without calorie restriction or punishing your body day after day

Hormones - September 26th

  • A basic overview of various hormones and their roles in the body, how hormones can become imbalanced, the symptoms that arise, causes, and natural treatments for balancing hormones
  • The best methods for testing hormones and how to interpret results

Immune System - October 3rd

  • How the complex immune system works and the six different components that function together to fight off pathogens and sickness
  • Exactly how to defy all odds of getting sick and create an unstoppable immune system using research-proven but little-known supplement, food, movement, and lifestyle strategies

Symmetry & Beauty - October 10th

  • The principle of bilateral symmetry and the science behind the beauty-health connection (including the little-known importance of posture for symmetry, with easy, practical tips for improving posture and alignment)
  • Other concepts for achieving “supermodel symmetry” including breathing, biomechanics, stretching, deep tissue work, skin health, and nutrition

Personalized Nutrition - October 17th

  • Why one-size-fits-all diets can be dangerous, and the import